Tyson Job Offer Revealed

Sources today revealed that Mike Tyson is mulling over an offer from a well known crime fighting organization. Citing his prison and fight experience, inside sources stated that they were hoping to unmuzzle Tyson in the battle. Company spokesman, McGruff refused to comment on the report, but noted that the idea had his ear.

"Our organization is well known for our appeal to young children and a high profile spokesman and role model like Mike Tyson might broaden our appeal to a little bit older group of kids. However, I can't confirm or deny any conversations with Mr. Tyson at this time." McGruff denied that he was chickening out on this issue by ducking any more questions.

Critics have attacked the idea stating that Mike Tyson is obviously not an appropriate role model for any age group. They plan to dog the organization until they abandon any plans to use him.

Inside sources noted that plans for the first commercial included McGruff using his well known phrase, "Help Take a BITE out of crime," followed by Tyson opening his mouth and saying, "or I'll take a bite out of you." Possibly in the works, a voicer for Mr. Tyson because his bark is worse than his bite.

Plans are on hold because company officials are reportedly looking into the possibility that such a message might be misinterpreted by younger children who might want to imitate Tyson. They are hoping to conclude their investigation soon because they are eager to get into the ring with the Tyson commercial as soon as possible.



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