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that there is no accounting 
for taste.  

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Borrowed Humor

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Original Humorous writings....

Satirical Press Associates -- a writing stage a few years ago.  I stopped because reality was too much like the satire I was writing!  Through HD crashes and many other problems, I have lost many of my writings.  If you happen to have one not listed here, I would LOVE to have a copy!  Please send it to Bob James  I have finally added my Homeland Security Trilogy.

Homeland Security Raids Sesame Street
One of the oddities of the events surrounding 9/11 was a poster produced in Bangladesh designed to support Osama bin Laden.  One of the pictures on that poster showed OBL with Bert (from Sesame Street).  The picture had been downloaded from a site called "Evil Bert" which had photo-shopped pictures of Bert in with evil people down through the ages.  The site had not been used for a long time prior to 9/11.  It was supposed to be light-hearted humor.  Or was it?  What do you think?  
Homeland Security Captures Bert
Part 2 of the saga....
Homeland Security Frees Bert
Part 3 of the saga.  The only difference from real life:  that freedom occurred so quickly.  I should note that when I originally sent this out to a few mailing lists, I got one snide comment about this article not being funny.  It wasn't really supposed to be!  There was supposed to be a bite to this section of the trilogy to make my point.
The Law Relevancy Law
Find out how Congress is attempting to make sure that all laws are relevant!
The Roswell Alien Mystery is Solved!
Conversations on the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell "Alien" mystery reveal the true story behind the "aliens" of Roswell.
Clinton Reacts Quickly!
In the midst of tragic skiing accidents, Bill Clinton reacts to end future tragedies
Tyson job offer
At the lowest ebb of Mike Tyson's career, except for his stint in prison, Mike Tyson's job offer is revealed. There is hope for anybody to get a job!
A Dam Satire
Do you think YOU have water problems? This satirical look at Corpus Christi's water woes shows the fine line between satire and reality!
Our city's priorities get straightened out.
For too long our city has emphasized using city funds for the police...where should it go.
New Gift Shop....
The trend in government funding must be the gift shop....thanks to the NSA.
The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy speaks
An interview with the unofficial voice of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
The Tomb of the Unknown Donor
President Clinton dedicates a part of Arlington National Cemetery to those who have paid the ultimate price, in the fight against the EEVIL mean spirited Republicans
Hillary Attacks the VRWC
The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is at it again. America is lucky to have Hillary as her champion to attack the VRWC!
Republicans Dismayed
Republicans are in complete disarray over the President's words. He actually tells the Truth!
Conversations with Hank
Hank and I discuss what to call our Pres.
Finding a coach for the Cowboys
Jerry Jones embarks on his quest to find a coach for the Dallas Cowboys.  The job requirements (at the time) made this a difficult search.
Red Neck Ken
Mattel announced that they were "remaking" Barbie to make her more realistic.  Perhaps this is how Ken should be remade.

Other original humor -- not much, but I'll add it when I write it...although some people are still waiting for my first original humorous piece.  

Star Trek:  The Lost Generation
Join Captain Billy Jeff and Admiral Rodham and their ever-expanding shrinking crew on the adventures of the Good Ship USS Collective.

Links to other humorous sites...

The Star Trek Humour League
Strange, very strange....but interesting!
Mark Lowery Discography
I have enjoyed his humor so much I thought I would include some info on how you can get his stuff.
Bill Cosby Discography
When it comes to Comedy, Bill Cosby is king! Here is a listing of albums he has done.

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