Long ago, in the Dark Ages, I played tournament chess in High School. After my high school years were over, I was sure that my chess playing days were over. Equipment and books were given away or lost as time passed on.

During the 1996-97 school year, the quiet of the pre-school hours was shattered at Hamlin as students thronged to the room of James Knoll to play chess. Having a little knowledge of the game I opened my room to the students overflowing into the halls due to the insufficient seating in Mr. Knoll's room. Soon, some of the kids asked about holding a tournament.

Having a little knowledge of the procedures, I told them I would set up and run a tournament expecting about 30-35 kids. 64 showed up! In the midst of running this tournament, held over two weeks during the pre-school hours, I was invited to attend the Optimist Coastal Bend Chess Federation dinner meeting. They were looking for people to work with and encourage kids in Scholastic Chess.

Having a little knowledge of the subject, I plunged in even deeper, and began working towards becoming a Tournament Director. Since that time I have become a Senior Tournament Director. In addition, Corpus Christi hosted the 1999 State Scholastic Championships March 12-14, 1999 and the State Scholastic Championships in 2002 .  In trying to prepare my kids for tournaments, I began to get the itch to play again.

Meanwhile, I am back playing tournament chess again. After entering a small club tournament and the 1997 Texas State Championship held in San Antonio, I can state that the bug is definitely back. Whoever said, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing," sure knew what they were talking about! Interestingly enough, I tied for first in my class (CLASS D) at the Texas State Championships, run by the Texas Chess Association.  Since this page was written, I returned and tied for first in CLASS C at the Texas State Championships.

I have begun teaching chess to a few students, and also have started selling books and equipment.  Check out the business side of my site!

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