The James Gang


The James Gang began when Lucy Frances Garrett united with Bob James in marriage on May 15, 1979. Contrary to popular belief, the shotguns were NOT painted white. As a matter of fact, no shotguns were even needed.

Lucy was the breadwinner, a role she has often had to assume, while Bob was going to school. She worked for Texas Electric (no, we didn't get free electricity....we had to pay the same as everybody else) holding the company together until the James Gang left Fort Worth in 1983. Of course, by that time the gang had grown in size. Two additions came in Fort Worth and the last one joined in Corpus Christi.

Lucy is currently working as a sign language interpreter, adjunct professor in the Interpreting program at Del Mar College and is a Past President of Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID).


Timothy Garrett James was born on September 17, 1981. He is presently protecting our country, now that he is an Army of One, stationed in Hawaii. I keep hearing that even though he is an Army of One, there are a few other people helping him protect us.


Joseph Hart James joined the gang on June 14, 1983. [this is an OLD picture!]  He is still a teen-ager. [sigh] I don't know about you, but since my boys have become teenagers, I can't count the number of times I called my parents to apologize!  Anyway, Joseph is allegedly working this summer selling Cutco Knives.  They are very good! and very sharp!!!  If you live in the Corpus Christi area, he would be more than happy to show you why they are such high quality knives.  E-mail him for more info.


Elizabeth Chase James decided to make her entrance into the world on 2/28/88, giving us a full house in more ways than one. (she decided a Sunday birth was more inconvenient for her preacher father than a leap day birth) Elizabeth just entered her teenage years and she seems to have learned too many teen-age tricks from her brothers. ;-) [this is an old picture too!  I need to take new pictures!!]


This is the James Gang , warts and all. They can be found in many locations around Corpus Christi...especially at Scholastic Chess Tournaments. If seen, do not attempt to apprehend and do not notify authorities. You may feed them. You may smile and introduce yourself.

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