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Hitting the Links 

Christian Links

Rusted Nails
The online ministry of actor Kirk Cameron will inspire, challenge and equip you to live a passionate Christian life. Take the "Good Person" test. Pick up your FREE scripture screensaver and wallpaper. Read online articles; find great Christian books, video and audio; and access Kirk's schedule to see when he will be speaking in your area.

The Witnesses
The name is based on the two Witnesses in the Left Behind Series and the responsibility that we all have to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Go there, join and  work together with other believers to spread the gospel.

Cross Walk
An online Christian community site including Entertainment, Family, HomeSchool, Money, News, Spiritual Life, Teens, Women, Life, and much more.

Cloud Ten Pictures
This company has produced a wealth of high quality Christian films.  They filmed Left Behind and are getting ready to release Tribulation Force based on the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  Both the books and the movie will make you think!

One Way Films
This fantastic website does a great job of reviewing films with the family, especially the Christian family in mind.  Before I go to see any movie now, I will check this site out!

CG's Design and Web Graphics Site
Lots of great graphics for web use and other information.  Well worth the visit.

Christian Soldiers Online
An interesting website with lots of information to grow, 2 chat lines (one focusing on the Left Behind series noted above) and a commitment to help Christians grow, and non-Christians find Christ.  

New Hope Village
Another great site for "\o/ Awesome Christian Fellowship."  Links to news, a chat room, message board and Christian web radio stations.

The Institute for Creation Research
The Institute for Creation Research looks at all the scientific evidence about who we are and where we come from; unlike some theorists. (We won't mention any names, but they usually support that theory that begins with an "e.") This could be an eye-opening experience! Their Mount St. Helens video (must be ordered!) is well worth the time.

International Mission Board
The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Maybe I'm biased, but I think they do the best job around.

World Evangelical Fellowship
News about Christians around the World

Gospel Communications on the Net
If you are one of those people who complains that Christians NEVER work together, you won't want to see this page. It will shatter your illusions as many Christian organizations come together to proclaim the gospel on the net

The Baptist Standard
The Baptist Standard is the State Newspaper for Texas Baptists. You will find up-to-date news on Baptist Issues nationally and state-wide. There are links from there to state and national Baptist entities.



Pro-Life Links

American Life League and the Pro-Life Activists Encyclopedia
An excellent resource for involvement in the pro-life movement!

Life Links Home Page
An excellent resource of pro-life information!

Ohio Right to Life
WOW!!!! This page is chock full of information and links.


Political Links

The National Republican Party
Do you want to contact the Republicans, buy their knick-knacks? This is the place to do it.

The Michael Reagan Web Page
Great information from Michael Reagan. Especially helpful if you listen to his nightly show, or want to! 

The Idaho Observer
An interesting mix of news and humor from a conservative perspective.  

The Cato Institute
Believe in less government? Do you think that there REALLY is a better way? Check this group out!

Rush Limbaugh
What conservative political site would be complete without a link to Rush Limbaugh's website.  The greatest bargain on the web is his 24/7 service.  Check it out!


Humor Links

The Star Trek Humor League
Sign up to join SaladFleet and join in the merriest antics this side of a galaxy far, far away. Tell them Lt Commander Rocky Fort sent you. Other links are available too.

Totally Warped
The name says it all! This page is a bundle of laughs, and has the original destroy the universe script. Lots of links to other weird places.


Chess Links

U.S. Chess Online
Find out about Chess news from around the U.S.

Texas Chess Association
Want to know about tournaments in Texas? Can you name the co-champions from the 1997 Texas State Championships in the Class D section? Or the co-champions in the 1998 Texas State Championships in the Class C section? Lots of great news and info about Texas Chess.

Jim Shaw Chess
 Jim Shaw's website.  Mr. Shaw is our local chess coach extraordinaire.  His students tend to finish very high at the state level (6 state champions) and 6 students ranked very high nationally.  He has news of camps, tournaments and other information that is well worthwhile.  Check him out if you are in the Corpus Christi area!

Directory of /group/chess/PGN
This unassuming title hides the greatest collection of PGN files I have EVER seen! Files are organized by tournament, by player, by opening, by ending and maybe a few other ways. It took me 22 pages to print out the Table of Contents! A GREAT resource

Chess Digest
The Best collection of Chess Study Sources available in their on-line catalog. Only weakness....you can't order on-line yet. But worth it.

Chess Base
The Chess Base Website. This site is home to the powerful Chess Base program. The newest version is Chess Base 7.0. They have a freeware version known as Chess Base Lite. I have found this program very helpful!

Buggs Homepage
Why would I put a page with a name like Buggs here? The Bugs Bunny graphic alone is worth it, but it has chess links galore!!!  (If that site doesn't work, the last time I visited it, he was talking about moving soon.  Try www.fredwehner.de )

For other chess links click here


A list of my friends homepages. Internet friends are a little bit weird, but some of them have some great humor pages. Just be careful....

Ron Nail aka Lt. Commander NailBone aka "The Lone Lt. Commander!"

"Captain" Sergey Polak" (this site is full of technobabble at its best!)

Brendan Dillon aka Ens. Duct Tape.   (his quotes page is worth reading through! I have two there!) He is a little weird...face it, a lot weird.  But he is a fun guy

Satyajit Phanse aka Ensign T'fkas    He has a new site as well, I will find this soon.

Education and Disability Links

Ms. Uribe's home page
Were I to begin to try and compile education links, I couldn't keep up with hers! She has a lot of her own teaching plans, AND the great links. And the homepage is fun to watch.

A web page with lot of links related to individuals covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

A Charge Family's site
Deborah's (Snicker's) web site...beautiful pictures and an inspiring page!

Minnow's Home Page
This page has a great view of Charge Syndrome Check it out and find out what great kids...and parents these people are!

The Magic Foundation
An organization that looks at growth disorders in children...providing support and education

Dale Medical
Working with CHARGE kids one often hears about G-Tubes...well, here's a picture of one!

American Society for Deaf Children
The American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) is an organization of parents and families that advocates for deaf or hard of hearing children's total quality participation in education, the family and the community.

Texas School for the Blind
I have found this site invaluable!  Lots of information on dealing with issues relating to blindness, but especially for me, issues relating to deaf/blindness.

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