Bob James's View of Life
It is now  my time.  Do you know where your children are? Do you know where YOU are? And even more important, do you know where you are going?


Wanted: Dead or Alive

or maybe not

I'm watching you!

This person is known as "Bob," "Dad," "Teacher," [or 'Miss' go figure :-)] "Coach," "Lt. Commander Rocky Fort" and numerous other names. He is rumored to be clean shaven now, but can be identified by his coffee cup. Printed on the side are the words:  Christian American Heterosexual Pro-Life Right-Wing Conservative Any Questions?" He is wanted for his efforts to destroy the universe.


Bob James
Corpus Christi, TX 
United States

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Just a quick note.....

At the risk of seeming to be joining the fray, I have started writing serious political commentary. I used to send humor to my Satirical Press Associates mailing list in order to make my concerns known humorously. After sending one serious note to that list, I had people tell me to write more serious commentary. (and no, my mom doesn't have web access) If you would like to be included on the satire list, or if you have other comments on my writing, please feel free to use the above link.  To be honest, I have not written either in a long time.  If you read my writing serious or humorous, and think I should continue, please feel free to e-mail me.  My favorite writing is here.

The politics link has my own writing (and eventually I will include the satire there) and links to other political spots. I will be updating and including more balance soon....maybe. I may just add more good conservative links, though. :-)

The link to my political site is now Bob on Politics. Stop by and let me know what you think!

Places to go.

Hit the Links

This page has links related to all my various interests.  While I try to have "area" specific links in each of my interest areas, this page brings them all together.  You can look into a man's soul when you see his links!  Got one to suggest?  E-mail me with your suggestion.

Optimist Coastal Bend Chess Federation

The nascent website of Optimist Coastal Bend Chess Federation. We still have a lot of stuff to put up there, but check out what one of the largest scholastic chess organizations in the country is doing.  This website is temporarily closed down due to our former web host LOSING everything.  (I won't mention names, but I am very happy with my new host! [see banner above])

One Christian's World View

My Christian Writings and Links

Humor Page and Links

Original and Borrowed Humor along with some humor links.

Bob on Politics

Political Commentary and links.

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